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Freeze Dried Breast Milk Phoenix

I am Lisa, a real life “BoobieJuice” maker and founder of We Freeze Dry Breast Milk into Shelf Stable Powder.

Let’s be real here, pumping is no joke, hard work, and exhausting. I have proudly nursed for three consecutive years and pumped for a year and a half so I feel you Mama!

Storing, labeling, thawing, and washing all the parts, we put our blood, sweat and tears into nourishing these tiny humans. I want you to have this powerful resource to keep that precious BoobieJuice for as long as you need it!

BoobieJuice is the only cGMP certified Breast Milk Processing Facility in the Valley (Current Good Manufacturing Practice Facility) for Human Breast Milk and we are based in Tempe, AZ. We offer a cost effective way to safely backup your breast milk stash into a freeze dried powder!

Benefits of Freeze Dried Breast Milk:
Compact Storage 
No Refrigeration
Stops Lipase Breakdown
Easy to Travel With
Emergency Ready for Power Outages

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