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cGMP Certified Breast Milk Facility

BoobieJuice is a cGMP certified Current Good Manufacturing Practice Facility for Human Breast Milk.

From day one, BoobieJuice has been committed to providing a cost effective and safe solution for breast feeding families. BoobieJuice is proud to achieve cGMP certification in its first year of production. Rest assured your breast milk is safeguarded when working with the team at BoobieJuice.

(IAS) Integrated Assessment Services (IAS) USA is a globally authorized ISO and cGMP certification body with UQAS accreditation. They are an independent third party body providing auditing and certification services for the Manufacturing Industry, Service Industry, NGO, Health Care and Corporations across the globe. BoobieJuice partnered with the IAS team for 3rd party auditing and certification of their entire cGMP scope of breast milk handling from transportation, storage, handling and lyophilization processing of human breast milk into freeze dried powder.

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