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Your milk is truly unique to you and so are your BoobieJuice pouches. Each pouch is made from our robust triple layer, air tight, high barrier film that is BPA free and Phthalate free with custom labeled with your personal rehydration ratios. All of our pouches are designed for commercial vacuum sealing. They keep the air and moisture out, while keeping in the unique taste and aroma of your milk. Your milk is never modified (ie. fat removed a critical energy resource) or anything added in our process. It is your milk Freeze Dried!

Our goal is to keep your nutrition rates consistent to your original expressed milk.

ON THE GO single serving are a 1:1 conversion of your frozen milk pouches. They are resealable, retain all your expression dates, times, dietary notes and any additional notations and we provide your unique water rehydration amount per pouch. These pouches are ideal for the varying stages of milk like colostrum and time expressed like early morning or evening milk and they are perfect for on the Go use!

AT HOME scoop and reseal take 50oz of your frozen milk, ¬†are batched in date order and can be custom merged by request (ie. Day/Night) to create a resealable bulk scoop and serve powder pouch. We provide you your average rehydration ratio for the range of milk in each big pouch and measurement options based on your milk. This is important to maintain your milk’s personal nutrition ratio your baby is accustom. Every mother’s milk is unique and so are your BoobieJuice labels.

These important extra features make the BoobieJuice difference!



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