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    • After scheduling your drop off:
      • A BoobieJuice Team Mate will contact you to confirm your drop off day/time and go over transportation.
      • We reserve a 1 hour window for drop off for varying travel timing and drop off processing.
    • Transport Coolers:
      • Utilize a standard insulated cooler (Igloo, Yeti, Rtic, Orca) or soft walled insulated zipper bag to transport your frozen milk in.
    • If utilizing a soft walled insulated lunch bag:
      • We recommend placing gallon ziplock bags of ice inside insulated bag first.
      • Next, place the frozen milk on top of the gallon ziplock bags of ice.
      • Then, add additional gallon bags of ice on top of the milk.
      • DO NOT surround the bags of milk in loose ice. Water can enter into loose seals.
    • Travel Times:
      • Under 2 hours – Milk should be frozen for at least 1 day.
      • Over 2+ hours – Milk should be frozen for at least 2 days and be transported in a hard walled insulated cooler.
      • 5+ hours – Discuss with BoobieJuice Team Mate optimal transport with your current coolers and volume.
    • On arrival:
      • If you need assistance carrying in your cooler, please call or text on arrival.
      • A BoobieJuice Team Mate will help weigh in the milk and perform temperature checks and bag counts.
      • All milk will be stored in its own individual polycarbonate storage container with your Order Identification Information.
      • You DO NOT need to leave any coolers or storage containers. All milk will be stored in our Commercial Freezers.

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