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  • Empty the contents of the pouch into a sanitized bottle.
  • Weigh out the water listed on the back of the custom BoobieJuice label.
  • Use your desired clean, filtered water. Visit our FAQ for Water Recommendations.
  • Warm the water to your desired (98F-103F | 40C) temperature for your baby. We recommend 100F.
  • Add the water into the bottle and slowly swirl the water to mix.
  • Shaking causes bubbles and makes for a burpy baby. If you shake, make sure to let the bottle settle before serving.
  • Test the temperature and serve to baby! 🫶

Small clumps?

  • Clumps happen when the water is not close enough to body temperature and the fats, proteins, carbs and sugars clump.
  • Place the bottle into a cup of hot water to bring the water temperature up to (98F-103F | 40C) and let sit for 60 seconds.
  • Swirl until the clumps dissolve.
  • Continue warming and swirling until the bottle temperature reaches (98F-103F | 40C)
  • Never use a microwave to warm rehydrated milk bottles. Serious burns can occur.
  • Always test warm milk prior to giving to baby.

How long do I have to use after rehydrating?

  • Use within 2 hours of preparing.
  • Refrigerate for up to 24 hours after preparing.
  • Throw away any unused breast milk that baby didn’t drink. Saliva can affect the milk.
  • We do not recommend re-freezeing rehydrated milk.

How long do I have to use an open powder pouch?

  • When properly resealed, both On the GO and At Home BIG Pouches have up to 30 days to use.
  • We recommend pressing the bag closed to remove as much air as possible prior to resealing.
  • Close and reseal immediately after use.

Baby younger than 2 months? Born Pre-mature or weakened immune system?  

You will want to review the chronobacteria formula protection recommendation and boil water to 158f | 70c prior to preparing.



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