About the Service

Yes! We accept HSA Heath Savings Account and FSA Flexible Spending Account payment methods. Need help? Please contact us.

Place your desired stash order online for local drop off or ship to BoobieJuice.

For local drop off orders, a team member will contact you to confirm your scheduled drop off time and transit questions. Ensure your milk is frozen for 2 days minimum prior to any form of transit. Standard insulated coolers are adequate for transport in air-conditioned vehicles. Additional packed ice may be needed based on local distance. Our team mates will discuss this with you on confirming your scheduled drop off.

For shipment orders, BoobieJuice ships you a specialized NanoCool shipping cooler with prepaid overnight return shipping label and everything you need to package your frozen BoobieJuice. Package your BoobieJuice stash in the cooler and ship back to our facility.

Please only ship Monday – Wednesday to ensure weekday delivery.

BoobieJuice uses a contactless 1 to 1 bag process. Your Freeze Dried BoobieJuice powder is then placed in high barrier mylar bags and vacuum sealed. This turn key process allows for Mommies to ensure a shelf stable BoobieJuice stash should power go out.

Check out our How to Ship to BoobieJuice

Freeze drying your breast milk can provide extended life and make it self stable based on findings by the USDA. Freeze dried foods may last up to 25 years when kept in proper temperature storage and free of oxygen and moisture. There are many factors that affect storage times including fat ratios, temperature and exposer to UV sunlight. Every BoobieJuice Pouch is made from a specialized high barrier film that does not allow oxygen to pass. Make sure to inspect your pouch for punctures prior to opening. We recommend keeping your pouches in a cool, dark place ideally in a room temperature environment below 80F and away from direct sunlight. Once open, please consume within 2 days. Well kept pouches can last 3+ years when stored properly.

BoobieJuice provides a specialty Freeze Drying service for breast milk. Freeze Dried breast milk powder is a safe and health way to shelf stabilize your breast milk stash with no required refrigeration. We only process the customers breast milk and do not offer donor or matching services.

We offer local drop-off to our Tempe, Arizona facility and discounted pre-paid shipping within the United States and Puerto Rico. In another US Territory? Email us ilove@boobiejuice.com and we can coordinate shipping. We can also coordinate international shipments. BoobieJuice can coordinate sending you shipping kits with all included shipping or you may provide your own chilled box and shipping service. Please fill out our International Shipment form and a teammate will contact you shortly.

Breast Milk Requirements

We Freeze Dry all of your breast milk shipped to us as long as it is received in a frozen state. CDC Recommends fresh human breast milk is best up to 6 months in a freezer and acceptable consumption up to 12 months. Many breast milk banks discard unused frozen milk after 3 months. Keep your stash safe by Freeze Drying!

We will accept most brands of lacations bags in any volume size. We recommend not filling past the bags recommended volume line to ensure bags do not split during freezing.

Freeze drying your breastmilk can help! The less time breast milk is stored in a freezer, the less time lipase has to breakdown fats. If you are prone to higher lipase, freeze drying can be an affective solution to optimally store your breast milk. Freeze drying removes the water and deactivates the lipase enzyme. This stops the enzyme from breaking down fats and helps retain the overall nutrition while in storage. The sooner you can freeze dry the breastmilk, the better overall taste, aroma and nutrition for baby. Lock in the nutrition and taste of your babies superfood by freeze drying your stash today while saving space in the freezer! Check out this article and links Freeze Drying vs Freezer

Yes! each bag is individually tracked and documented. Your expression date and notations will be recorded and printed on your rehydration instructions. If you do not have expression dates or notes, no worries, the specific rehydration information will still be present.

We can accept milk cubes. We do require you to place them into common pre-sterilized breast milk bags in the desired serving sizes.

We can accept pre-sterilized NICU plastic bottles that are sealed. We currently are not processing glass bottles. Please contact us as bottles take up additional space and our shipping kits are rated for standard breast milk pouches. Typically NICU bottles require 1.5x-2x the space to ship based on fill.

That’s totally up to you. We have some Moms send their most recent stash to preserve the most nutrients as possible. The sooner breast milk is frozen and then freeze dried, the greater amount of nutrition is preserved. While other Moms send us their oldest milk to provide the extended longevity, prevent further degradation and to make room for more of their stash. If you follow the CDC’s guidelines on expressed breastmilk storage, breast milk is acceptable for 12 months when stored in a freezer.

We accept all major brands of pre-sterilized lactation bags designed specifically for infant food storage. All other packaging will not be accepted. Should you have any questions? Please contacts us.

Ameda, Baby Lemon, Bimirth, Bonbay, Bumblebee, DiRose, Dr. Browns, Eccomom, Evenflo, Finalhome, Frienda, GoGo Pure, haakaa, Idaho Jones, Kiinde, Kindred Bravely, Lansinoh, Medela, Milkies, Momcozy, Mommy’s Precious, Motif, Nanobébé, NCVI, Nuk, Nuliie, Spectra, Papablic, Parent’s Choice, Phillips Avent, Tommee Tippee, TSRETE, Unimom, Up&Up, Vtopmart, Willow, ZipTop, Zomee

*Please note, heavy wall silicone bag brands can not be returned.


Ordering Questions

Yes, we offer discounts for military, healthcare worker, first responders and educators. Please email us ilove@boobiejuice.com prior to purchase for current offerings and refer to our discount code policy for more information.


Please email us ilove@boobiejuice.com

We have shipping options available for 40-600oz in our standard shipping kit. Should you need a custom size quote (ei. 432oz) or larger than 600oz Please fill out our large volume quote. We will provide a total shipped turn around cost!

We process orders based on the available shipping container and the order placed. If a shipper is available, the order goes out within 1 business day.

Our Quality Control and Process.

Our lab facility has camera monitoring, temperature monitoring, locks and backup power. Rest assured your precious BoobieJuice is protected. We use industry sanitization practices including UV sterilization between batches. We follow cGMP standards for our process documentation, sanitation, training and testing validation to ensure each and every BoobieJuice pouch is made to the highest standard. Our team has over 25+ years in laboratory cleanroom manufacturing.

When your package arrives at BoobieJuice, each bag undergoes immediate review. Bags are individually examined for safe temperature and any damage that may have occurred during shipping. Bags are then individually labeled with your unique bag ID and any document notes are captured. You will be notified via text message about the arrival and status of your breast milk.

Our process is a contactless bag to bag process. Your milk is never in direct contact with equipment.Your order is always in its own machine(s). We undergo strict cleaning and sanitization after every batch. During processing, each bag is reviewed under thermal imaging to ensure all milk is properly Freeze Dried. This is KEY to ensuring all milk is evenly dry. We then undergo water activity sampling to further verify the sample area has achieved our active dryness requirements.

Next, your individual freeze dried milk is packaged in our durable, high barrier, vacuum pouches in our laminar flow bench HEPA filtration cabinets that meets and exceeds ISO Class 5 standards. Your order is the only order out while being processed and bagged. Once they are properly bagged, they are then are chamber vacuum sealed to ensure ideal shelf life stability without chemical reaction based oxygen or moisture absorbers. No worries of dropping a chemical pouch in baby’s bottle! Next, the HEPA cabinet is thoroughly washed, rinsed and sanitized including UV sanitization between batches. Finally your BoobieJuice bags are packaged and shipped back to you!

Shipping or local drop off to BoobieJuice

Let BoobieJuice help! We can ship to your travel location, you package and ship back to BoobieJuice for processing! Moving and want to lock in nutrition? We can ship to your new location. No need to frozen storage, ice and coolers. Military Permanent Change of Service? We can ship to your new base location or residence.

To drop off, you may utilize a standard plastic insulated cooler to transport your milk with or without additional cooling depending on distance needed to travel. Please schedule a drop-off time and a team member will contact you to answer any and all questions!  When you arrive, a team-mate will take temperature tests on the bags to ensure none of them defrosted during transport and place them in our freezers. Should you have questions at anytime? Contact Us by phone or email.

You may purchase a flat rate shipper service to utilizing our discounted shipping rates or arrange your own shipping. We have created an easy overview on how to ship utilizing NanoCool insulated shipped to help ensure your product save frozen during overnight shipping. You may utilize our heavily discounted up to 62% off retail Overnight Shipping account or email ilove@boobiejuice.com to arrange your own label. Please refer to our How to Ship Your BoobieJuice Kit video for packaging requirements.

While we do our best to formulate the best practices to ensure the breast milk stays frozen. Carrier issues, packaging, and weather during shipping our out of our control.

Please make sure to drop off Monday – Wednesday at the local carrier to limit weekend hold-overs. We want to ensure your product arrives on-time will minimal handling time. Should you have questions on how to ship to us? Please let us know!  Contact Us

Using your Freeze Dried Breast Milk

Yes, your pouches contain around 15g of breast milk powder and are clearly marked. No need to refrigerate or keep cool.

On the back of each BoobieJuice package is the exact water needed to reconstitute your milk to its original nutrition ratios.

  1. Warm clean purified water in a separate container
  2. Measure out the required water amount per instruction on the back of the pouch.
  3. Add BoobieJuice powder to the bottle.
  4. Add the required amount of water to the bottle and swirl.
  5. If clumps remain after a minute of swirling, place the bottle into a warm water bath or under warm running water. Swirl again.
  6. Depending on the fat constitution, it may take up to 5 minutes for the warm water and powder to dissolve. Be Patient.

We recommend using within 2 days of opening. Please keep the pouch at room temperature and out of direct sunlight.

On average there is 20kcal per oz of breast milk. This then equates to an average of .1oz of freeze dried powder. Add as little or as much to fortify foods based on your babies nutritional needs. Keep in mind, each powder pouch is equal to one of your original bottles. Your powder is loaded with beneficial proteins, pre/probiotics, fats, sugars and immune response agents. A power packed nutrition boost for the kcal intake. Your breast milk’s nutrition varies each day due to the time of day expressed and your dietary intake. The nutrition you consume is actively passed through into milk production. Your freeze dried pouches will exhibit the same variations. For specific nutritional density, we offer breast milk nutritional testing through Lactation Lab. Should you be interested in specific nutritional densities, BoobieJuice can help facilitate powder testing or we can send you a testing kit to analyze your fresh milk with recommendation from Lactation Labs!

Each individual pouch has the specific rehydration requirements for you. A typical 6oz bag will have 0.6 oz of powdered breast milk and will require 5.4fl oz of water. Typically you will see a 90% reduction in a breast milk bag when it is Freeze Dried. See the individual pouch details for specific rehydration needs.

Powder Pouches

  1. Store pouches in a cool dry place indoors and out of direct sunlight.
  2. Once a pouch is open, seal it tightly and use within 48 hours. Leave it at room temperature. Do not place inside a refrigerator.

Rehydrated Breast Milk

  1. Use within 2 hours of rehydration and 1 hour after beginning to feed. Saliva can cause bacteria growth.
  2. If unused within 2 hours, place milk in the refrigerator and use within 24 hours.
  3. Do not freeze re-hydrated milk.
  4. Discard any unused milk after 24 hours.
  5. Sanitize bottles between use.

We recommend using clean filtered water. Reverse osmosis water or vapor distilled water are great options and have very low to zero total dissolved solids. Total dissolved solids include all organic and inorganic dissolved contaminants including metals, salts, minerals, and ions.

Filtered retail packaged bottled waters are convenient options. Remember, the water you use may have varying levels of trace elements TDS. If you are looking to remove any excess mineral additives distilled water is your best option.

We would recommend staying away from tap water as there are higher total dissolved solids including salts, calcium, chlorine, fluorides, and heavy metals. There are many choices you can make based on your lifestyle and water requirements. Chose what is appropriate for you and your baby.