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to safeguard your precious breast milk and make it into a nutrient dense superfood.


Creating the highest quality and safest product for your baby is our #1 priority. We set out to achieve cGMP certification standards from day one and achieved certification recognition our first year. Our cGMP process covers the entire custom service cycle from transportation, receipt, storage, handling, lyophilization (freeze drying) packaging and dispatch back to the family. Our freeze drying process is a contactless process which utilizes specialized temperature profiles, thermal imaging, water activity testing, proprietary reinforced vacuum sealed pouches and a multi-step sanitation processes between each client. This helps ensure we have a safe, long lasting, and nutrient dense breast milk powder. We follow all US CDC Guidelines, The Department of Agriculture and USDA and HMBANA best practices for breast milk storage and handling.

BoobieJuice is a cGMP certified breast milk manufacturing facility and utilize up to date cGMP technology as outlined by the FDA. Our team has combined over 40 years of contract manufacturing experience in clean room environments registered under the FDA. 


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We keep your milk frozen utilizing our specialized pharmaceutical shipping containers. These light weight, high density, closed foam insulated coolers can maintain frozen temperatures up to 96hrs. Orders ship to us via overnight delivery. On arrival, all bags are inspected and temperature checked. You will be notified via text message about the arrival and status of your breast milk. Once inspected, your milk will be tagged and stored in its individual storage container in our deep freezers waiting for freeze drying.

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Each frozen breast milk pouch is inspected, and tagged with client information and bag ID. Client orders are isolated in their own tagged storage chambers and placed into deep freeze until freeze drying. All of your notations, (Go Pouches) expression dates, and time stamps are documented and transferred onto their new freeze dried pouch labels along with its unique bag identifier. Your order is transferred into its own tag identified machine(s) for processing. Once complete, each bag is transitioned into its new tagged freeze dry pouch!


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Each breast milk bag is individually processed bag for bag (Go Pouch) and Bulk Merged (Home Pouch) in our processing sublimation pouches. Your order is always in its own machine(s). We never touch your milk. With our bag for bag (GO) and bulk Saver (HOME) your breast milk does not come in contact with our equipment, bowls, spoons or gloves. Your breast milk is packaged using sterile techniques, on its own in our vertical laminar high flow chambers that meets and exceeds ISO class 5.  BoobieJuice breast milk powder is packaged in proprietary triple layer, high barrier film pouches reinforced for commercial vacuum use. They are then chamber vacuum sealed to remove oxygen without chemical reactive pouches.

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Absolutely nothing is added to your breast milk. Freeze drying is the natural process of sublimation that moves frozen ice directly to a vapor state, skipping over the liquid stage. Freeze Drying utilizes sub zero (-40F) temperatures and vacuum pressure to achieve its water extraction. We do not use chemical oxygen absorbers or desiccant pouches inserted into your milk pouch. We use durable, high oxygen barrier film pouches and vacuum each pouch to remove oxygen. No need to worry about a chemical pouch falling out into your bottle!

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 BoobieJuice is a cGMP certified freeze dried breast milk processor for the entire scope and handling of your breast milk from inbound transit receipt, storage, processing, packaging and redistribution back to you. Team members at BoobieJuice have State Food Safety Manager and State Food Handler certificates. All processing team members are trained in all SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) for cold handling and freeze drying protocols. We maintain detailed temperature sample logs, have remote temperature monitoring, backup power monitoring and camera monitoring. We perform regular compliance inspection, and routine environmental testing. We employ a multistep sanitation process on all equipment between clients with thorough wash, rinse and sanitizing. This includes the use of UV sterilization.

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Each breast milk bag is uniquely different in its nutritional makeup and will extract at varying rates. We monitor temperature ranges during sublimation and utilize FLIR imaging to review the entire scope of breast milk and how it is achieving even water extraction (sublimation), while maintain drying temperatures that stay within human body temperature ranges. This helps to ensure maximum nutrition retention and even drying across the entire product and not just a sample test region. Water activity is an important final test we use to look at how active water force affects a sample region. Our detailed batch monitoring helps ensure even drying and accurate sample testing.

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