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When it comes to rehydrating freeze dried breast milk, many moms have questions about the right amount of water to use. The water rehydration ratio for freeze dried breast milk can vary varies between 80–90% water depending on each unique expression. There are many factors that contribute to the nutrition density of breast milk from the stage of which you are producing (colostrum / early stage), morning or night expression, diet and personal hydration levels. 

Your milk is unique to you and your baby. Having the accurate water ratios for your milk is important when feeding an infant. When freeze drying breast milk, you need to choose a freeze dried breast milk company that takes water weight extraction calculations pre and post freeze drying. Not a standard 1/10 or average ratio accross multiple mothers. For the most accurate water amounts, choose to have your frozen milk processed bag for bag so each unique milk pouch retains its original hydration ratios.

Freeze Dried Breast Milk Water Rehydration

BooieJuice offer custom ratios for individual breast milk expression pouches and bulk averages based on your milk in the pouch.

BoobieJuice On the Go freeze dried breast milk pouches offer custom ratios for individual breast milk expressions. Your custom labels will have the required amout of warm water to add to rehyrdate back to your orginal milk nutrition ratios.

BoobieJuice At Home 50oz freeze dried breast milk pouches provide an average water ratio of your milk found in that pouch on the back label. The label provides tablespoon measurments as well as water to powder ratios to calculate exactly how much you require.

Incorporating Breast Milk Powder into Solid Foods

Breast milk powder can also be incorporated into solid foods to provide a nutritional boost for the baby. Simply sprinkle a little on the baby’s favorite foods and mix it in. This can be especially beneficial for babies who have transitioned to solid foods but still benefit from the nutrients found in breast milk. Breast milk powder can add additional vitamins, minerals, and antibodies to the baby’s diet, enhancing their overall nutrition. 


Rehydrating freeze dried breast milk is a simple process that involves adding the appropriate amount of warm water to the powdered milk, swirl and serve. The exact amount of water needed may vary depending on the pouch. To ensure proper nutrition ratios for the baby, please follow the rehydration ratios provided by BoobieJuice.

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