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Place your desired stash order online for local drop off or ship to BoobieJuice.

For local drop off orders, a team member will contact you to confirm your scheduled drop off time and transit questions. Ensure your milk is frozen for 2 days minimum prior to any form of transit. Standard insulated coolers are adequate for transport in air-conditioned vehicles. Additional packed ice may be needed based on local distance. Our team mates will discuss this with you on confirming your scheduled drop off.

For shipment orders, BoobieJuice ships you a specialized NanoCool shipping cooler with prepaid overnight return shipping label and everything you need to package your frozen BoobieJuice. Package your BoobieJuice stash in the cooler and ship back to our facility.

Please only ship Monday – Wednesday to ensure weekday delivery.

BoobieJuice uses a contactless 1 to 1 bag process. Your Freeze Dried BoobieJuice powder is then placed in high barrier mylar bags and vacuum sealed. This turn key process allows for Mommies to ensure a shelf stable BoobieJuice stash should power go out.

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