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We accept all major brands of pre-sterilized lactation bags designed specifically for infant food storage. All other packaging will not be accepted. Should you have any questions? Please contacts us.

Ameda, Baby Lemon, Bimirth, Bonbay, Bumblebee, DiRose, Dr. Browns, Eccomom, Evenflo, Finalhome, Frienda, GoGo Pure, haakaa, Idaho Jones, Kiinde, Kindred Bravely, Lansinoh, Medela, Milkies, Momcozy, Mommy’s Precious, Motif, Nanobébé, NCVI, Nuk, Nuliie, Spectra, Papablic, Parent’s Choice, Phillips Avent, Tommee Tippee, TSRETE, Unimom, Up&Up, Vtopmart, Willow, ZipTop, Zomee

*Please note, heavy wall silicone bag brands can not be returned.


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