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There are  many reasons why Moms choose to have their breast milk freeze dried. BoobieJuice Freeze Dried Breast Milk pouches are small and convenient, shelf stable and are nutrient dense. Most families have limited freezer space and frozen breast milk bags take up a lot of room and there is risk of loss in the case of a power outage. Freeze dried breast milk takes those frozen breast milk bags from the freezer into a small space in your pantry.

Freeze Dried Breast Milk is also a convenient solution for moving and travel. Traveling with freeze dried breast milk powder is a breeze with TSA, and there is no need to worry about thawing, leaking breast milk. BoobieJuice is also easy to send to your child care provider. Some daycares do not take frozen breast milk, so freeze dried breast milk is a great option for those working parents.

Freeze dried breast milk is also a great option to extend shelf life when their frozen breast milk stash is going to expire. According to the CDC, frozen breast milk is only acceptable for one year. Additional studies show greater macro nutrient degradation in Breast Milk occurs when frozen in shorter periods of time. Having your breast milk freeze dried will extend the life of your breast milk for up to three years from freeze dry date.