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Are you a breast feeding Mom who has pumped milk, stashed some away in the freezer and then thawed some out a few months later to find your breast milk has a weird, soapy, metallically smell? Your breast milk probably has high lipase. While it is still safe to drink, a lot of babies do not care for the smell and taste of milk with high lipase. Have you wondered how to handle high lipase and does freeze drying breast milk help with high lipase?

Lipase is naturally found in breast milk and it is the enzyme that can cause the flavor and smell or breast milk to change. Breast milk with high lipase make the fats in your milk break down more quickly.  This results in milk that can have an unpleasant smell and taste.

While there is no significant research to understand why some Moms have higher lipase than others, lipase is present in all human milk. Some Moms just have more than others. There are a few things you can do if you are one of those Moms that have high lipase present to make your milk more palatable for baby.  

Mixing newly expressed milk with your frozen milk. You can take some of your newly expressed fresh milk and mix it with some of your frozen milk. 

Some Moms have success adding a few drops of alcohol free vanilla to their milk.   

Scalding is another method you could try. While the nutritional integrity of the milk does decrease, you can scald your breast milk. You can do this by heating the milk to around 144.5 degrees Fahrenheit for about one minute, or to 163 degrees Fahrenheit for about 15 seconds (a thermostat is recommended), then immediately cooling and storing in the freezer.  

Freeze drying breast milk is a Game Changer for Moms with High Lipase! Freeze drying is a natural method where the water is removed from the milk. It leaves behind all the wonderful nutrients and benefits of breast milk, and creates a shelf stable powder. By removing the water, the lipase enzyme become inactive, and stops any additional degradation that causes the taste and aroma to change. Freeze drying also helps to neutralize the smell and taste of breast milk, already affected by high lipase. “Many Moms have had great success when getting their high lipase milk freeze dried with BoobieJuice,” says Lisa Bartlett founder of BoobieJuice a company based in Phoenix, Arizona who solely freeze dries breast milk for families.   

BoobieJuice is a cGMP certified Freeze Dried Breast Milk facility that freeze dries YOUR breast milk. They have local drop off options for Moms able to drop off at their facility in Arizona. For Moms out of state, they provide everything Mom needs to safely package and ship her breast milk to them. Want to learn more about how to stop lipase in breast milk or to have your breast milk freeze dried? Visit our website 

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