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How to Stop High Lipase Breastmilk from Breaking Down in Longterm Storage


What is Lipase Enzyme?
Lipase is an enzyme found in varying amounts in human milk. Lipase breaks down milk fat and acts as an emulsifier so fat soluble nutrients are water soluble. Some mommies naturally produce higher lipase than others. Greater concentration of lipase in milk causes the milk fat to break down faster. As fat denature, it causes a soapy / metal taste and smell. Lipase continues to break down nutrition even when frozen. The longer lipase is active, the greater the effect on taste, aroma and overal nutritional value. High lipase milk is still safe for baby to consume. However, some babies do not always take to the altered milk taste. While scalding the milk to deactivate the lipase enzyme is an effective option to improve the overall taste and aroma, the damage to the overall nutrition is not improved. An even better option to stop lipase in its tracks and lock in the nutrition prior to lipase breaking down.

How do I stop Lipase Enzyme in my Frozen Breastmilk?
Freeze drying your breastmilk can help! The less time breastmilk is stored in a freezer, the less time lipase has to breakdown fats. If you are prone to higher lipase, freeze drying can be an affective solution to optimally store your breastmilk. Freeze drying removes the water and deactivates the lipase enzyme. This stops the enzyme from breaking down fats and helps retain the overall nutrition while in storage. The sooner you can freeze dry the breastmilk, the better overall taste, aroma and nutrition for baby. Lock in the nutrition and taste of your babies superfood by freeze drying your stash today while saving space in the freezer!

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