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Freeze drying your breast milk can provide extended life and make it self stable based on findings by the USDA. Freeze dried foods may last up to 25 years when kept in proper temperature storage and free of oxygen and moisture. There are many factors that affect storage times including fat ratios, temperature and exposer to UV sunlight. Lower fat ratio milk has a longer shelf life. Every Mama’s milk is unique in its makeup and will vary over 3 years. All unopened BoobieJuice Pouches are good for 3 Years and with inspection can last much longer up to 10 years. Each BoobieJuice Pouch is made from a proprietary triple layer high barrier film, designed for commercial vacuum sealing, that does not allow oxygen or moisture to pass. Make sure to inspect your pouch for punctures prior to opening. We recommend keeping your pouches in a cool and dark place. Ideally in a room temperature environment below 80F and away from direct sunlight. Once open, please consume within 30 days after opening and resealing. Well kept (environment & temperature) unopened pouches can last 3+ years from their packaging date and up to 10 years when stored properly and inspected. Freeze dried breast milk with vary in aroma from a sweet to a cheesy aroma. If a pouch smells off putting or racid, do not consume the pouch.

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