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BoobieJuice on the Go Pouches are created using our contactless, bag for bag process. We freeze dry your original pouches into a new freeze dried pouch. All of your original expression dates, food allergens, times, and even daily affirmations are all transferred on to your new freeze dried pouch. This process virtually illuminates any cross contact exposure. Your milk is not hopped, blended or mixed. Your colostrum pouches are preserved and freshly expressed frozen milk is not mixed with older oxidized and lipase affected milk.You have complete control of your milk, just like your frozen pouches. Your breast milk varies between 8090% water depending on each unique expression. Nutrition density of breast milk varies from the stage of which you are producing, morning or night expression, diet and personal hydration levels. Your milk is unique to you and your baby’s needs. Our freeze dried pouches are resealable if you only use a portion and you can also rehydrate an entire bag and refrigerate the un-used portion for up to 24 hours. Should you have smaller 1-2oz portions dated in range, we can facilitate merging two small pouches into 1 new freeze dried pouch. Your milk will transfer from pouch to pouch and retain the dates and notes of each pouch along with the total water and total powder amounts on the new pouch.

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