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On average there is 20kcal per oz of breast milk. This then equates to an average of .1oz of freeze dried powder. Add as little or as much to fortify foods based on your babies nutritional needs. Keep in mind, each powder pouch is equal to one of your original bottles. Your powder is loaded with beneficial proteins, pre/probiotics, fats, sugars and immune response agents. A power packed nutrition boost for the kcal intake. Your breast milk’s nutrition varies each day due to the time of day expressed and your dietary intake. The nutrition you consume is actively passed through into milk production. Your freeze dried pouches will exhibit the same variations. For specific nutritional density, we offer breast milk nutritional testing through Lactation Lab. Should you be interested in specific nutritional densities, BoobieJuice can help facilitate powder testing or we can send you a testing kit to analyze your fresh milk with recommendation from Lactation Labs!

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