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When your package arrives at BoobieJuice, each bag undergoes immediate review. Bags are individually examined for safe temperature and any damage that may have occurred during shipping. Bags are then individually labeled with your unique bag ID and any document notes are captured. You will be notified via text message about the arrival and status of your breast milk.

Our process is a contactless bag to bag process. Your milk is never in direct contact with equipment.Your order is always in its own machine(s). We undergo strict cleaning and sanitization after every batch. During processing, each bag is reviewed under thermal imaging to ensure all milk is properly Freeze Dried. This is KEY to ensuring all milk is evenly dry. We then undergo water activity sampling to further verify the sample area has achieved our active dryness requirements.

Next, your individual freeze dried milk is packaged in our durable, high barrier, vacuum pouches in our laminar flow bench HEPA filtration cabinets that meets and exceeds ISO Class 5 standards. Your order is the only order out while being processed and bagged. Once they are properly bagged, they are then are chamber vacuum sealed to ensure ideal shelf life stability without chemical reaction based oxygen or moisture absorbers. No worries of dropping a chemical pouch in baby’s bottle! Next, the HEPA cabinet is thoroughly washed, rinsed and sanitized including UV sanitization between batches. Finally your BoobieJuice bags are packaged and shipped back to you!

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