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Freeze-dried breast milk utilizes sublimation, a well establish food preservation method, that involves removing the water content from breast milk and turning it into a powdered form. This process, known as lyophilization, requires the milk to be frozen and then placed under a vacuum, where the water content is removed through sublimation. The powdered breast milk can then be reconstituted with water before feeding it to infants. While freeze-dried breast milk offers convenience and portability and extended shelf lif. It is important to consider factors such as nutritional contentbacterial contamination concerns, and shelf life when evaluating the safety of freeze-dried breast milk.

Key Takeaways:

  • Freeze-dried breast milk is a powdered form of breast milk produced through the lyophilization process.
  • Proper breast milk collection, freezing handling, storage, and rehydration steps can help minimize potential risks.
  • Proper transport and track and trace processing through a reputable cGMP processing company like BoobieJuice helps to ensure safe, shelf stable breast milk powder.

Yes, Freeze-Dried Breast Milk is Safe

Yes, freeze dried breast milk is a safe and effective long term storage solution for Breast Milk when properly collected and freeze dried using validate cGMP method based companies. Research on freeze-dried breast milk studies have found that the nutritional content, including antibodies and immunological factors, of freeze-dried breast milk remains largely unaltered. This suggests that freeze-drying does not significantly impact the nutritional value of the milk. 

Addressing Bacterial Contamination Concerns

Unlike pasteurization, freeze-drying does not eliminate bacterial pathogens in the same way. Sterile breast milk pouches must be used in conjunction with following the bag manufacturers and FDA handling recommendations to collect, freeze and store breast milk prior to processing

Next, you must choose a company like BoobieJuice who provides clear documentation and customer support to safely ship and transport your frozen breast milk for processing. Companies like BoobieJuice who implement a cGMP track and trace prodocal and contactless processing method drastically reduce any potential for cross contact exposure by limiting contact exposure. 

These recommended methods of collection, storage and shipping greatly reduce initial breast milk bacteria payloads prior to arriving freeze drying. 

BoobieJuice utilizes a contactless processing methods that virtually eliminates cross contact exposure risk, while the natural freeze drying process halts further bacteria and enzyme functions.

The items above showcase the importance of choosing a freeze dried breast milk company like BoobieJuice who focus on GMP manufacturing procedures to safeguard your stash.

FDA and cGMP Guidelines for Breast Milk Handling

The FDA recommends proper collection, storage temperature, and sanitation practices for breast milk. While freeze-dried breast milk may not have specific guidelines, it is advisable to adhere to these guidelines to minimize potential risks. Additionally, some companies, such as BoobieJuice, follow cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines to ensure the quality and safety of their freeze-dried breast milk.


It is essential to follow proper handling, storage, and reconstitution practices. This includes ensuring proper hygiene, using reputable freeze-drying services, and adhering to recommended storage guidelines. By taking these precautions, potential bacterial contamination and changes in nutritional content can be mitigated. Rest assured Companies like BoobieJuice are here to help!

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