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Yes, freeze dried breast milk is a safe and effective long term storage solution for Breast Milk when properly collected and freeze dried. Safe and sterile freeze dried breast milk powder begins with sterile breast milk collection and freezing. Sterile breast milk pouches must be used in conjunction with properly following the bag manufacturers and FDA handling /storage procedures for freezing breast milk. BoobieJuice utilizes a contactless handling procedures that virtually eliminates any additional cross contact exposure potential. Freeze Drying Breast Milk is an effective method for not only halting lipase enzyme, when powder reaches a Water Activity below <.19AW, it also the halts bacterias ability to replicate as Water Activity levels reach below <.6AW per FDA guidelines. BoobieJuice rigorously test each batch for Water Activity to ensure levels are well below bacterial, mold, and yeast growth levels <.6aw and below all lipase enzyme function by achieving levels below <.19AW. Finally, BoobieJuice extends shelf life of Freeze Dried Breast Milk Powder by packaging it in triple layer, high barrier film, vacuum sealed pouches thus eliminating oxygen exposure and uv light to the powder. Studies have found that freeze drying is a viable storage method for breast milk, leading to no microbiological contamination and no loss of its health benefits for infants. In particular, its antibacterial properties remain un-compromised compared to freezer storage. Freeze drying is an effective method of retaining 99% of key macro nutrients and the majority of all immunoglobulins while being shelf stable and taking up 1/10 the space

Check out BoobieJuice’s Nutrition page to learn more and how to freeze breast milk in common storage bags.