BoobieJuice Mini Stash (up to 40oz)


Freeze Dry up to 40oz of Breast Milk and all total to and from shipping.


Freeze dry up to 40oz (30oz – 40oz range)
* If you are under 30oz or over 40oz we will pro-rate you at the cost per oz. We will credit you or invoice for the difference. No worries, we have you covered!

The BoobieJuice Mini Stash shipper kit includes everything that you need to ship your precious milk to BoobieJuice. Each shipper has our speciatly insulated shipping cooler, instruction and prepaid Overnight express shipping label. One flat rate to pack all of your frozen breast milk (up to 40oz). Pack your cooler, apply the prepaid label and drop off at your nearest carrier location. Ship your Mini Stash kit Monday – Wednesday to ensure prompt weekday delivery. You may use our discounted overnight shipping rates (up to 62% off Retail Overnight Rates) or contact us at to arrange your own shipping label! Please refer to our How to Ship Your BoobieJuice Kit video on packaging.

Each flat-rate service includes:
• A complete breast milk shipping kit and everything needed to ship your milk to BoobieJuice.
• BoobieJuice Contactless Freeze Drying Service
• Custom Labeling and Notes per Bag
• All to and from shipping. (Ground Shipping Cooler, Overnight Label for Frozen Milk, Ground Shipping Freeze Dried Pouches.)

​*Overnight shipping costs vary by region and will appear at checkout (shipping rates for the BoobieJuice Mini Stash range from $39-$89).

When your frozen breast milk bags arrive, they will each receive unique tracking labels and be processed with our contactless freeze drying process. Your freeze dried breast milk will be placed in high barrier pouches free from oxygen and will be labeled with rehydration amounts and any notations you had on your original bags. Rest assured, your milk stash now has a 3 year shelf life with no refrigeration needed.

How to Ship Your BoobieJuice Kit

Check out our How to freeze your breastmilk.
Remember to freeze your pouches flat and not fill past the recommend pouch maximum.

Additional information

Weight 5.625 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 8 in

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