What age breast milk do you take or should I send?

That’s totally up to you. We have some Moms send their most recent stash to preserve the most nutrients as possible. The sooner breast milk is frozen and then freeze dried, the greater amount of nutrition is preserved. While other Moms send us their oldest milk to...

I have high lipase enzyme milk, can freeze drying help?

Freeze drying your breastmilk can help! The less time breast milk is stored in a freezer, the less time lipase has to breakdown fats. If you are prone to higher lipase, freeze drying can be an affective solution to optimally store your breast milk. Freeze drying...

I have information written on my bags, is that saved?

Yes! each bag is individually tracked and documented. Your expression date and notations will be recorded and printed on your rehydration instructions. If you do not have expression dates or notes, no worries, the specific rehydration information will still be...

How many ounces per bag?

We will accept most brands of lacations bags in any volume size. We recommend not filling past the bags recommended volume line to ensure bags do not split during freezing.