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How many ounces per bag?

We will accept most brands of lacations bags in any volume size. We recommend not filling past the bags recommended volume line to ensure bags do not split during freezing.

What brands of breast milk storage bags do you accept?

We accept all readily available pre-sterilized lactation bags designed specifically for infant food storage. All other packaging will not be accepted. Should you have any questions? Please call / text  602-456-1492 or email Some examples of...

My breast milk is in NICU bottles?

We can accept pre-sterilized NICU plastic bottles that are sealed. We currently are not processing glass bottles. Please contact us as bottles take up additional space and our shipping kits are rated for standard breast milk pouches. Typically NICU bottles require...

How long can my breast milk be frozen in bags?

We Freeze Dry all of your breast milk shipped to us as long as it is received in a frozen state. CDC Recommends fresh human breast milk is best up to 6 months in a freezer and acceptable consumption up to 12 months. Many breast milk banks discard unused frozen milk...

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