Call/Text 602-456-1492

What is the total turn around time?

Total turn around time is based on Stash size and your location. Please call or text 602-456-1491 or email for total turn around time. Do you have a trip or move? Contact us to coordinate, customize and expedite turn around time to make your trip...

How many oz are in each freeze dried pouch?

BoobieJuice on the Go Pouches are created using our contactless, bag for bag process. We freeze dry your original pouches into a new freeze dried pouch. All of your original expression dates, food allergens, times, and even daily affirmations are all transferred on to...

Military Move PCS or Military Travel?

BoobieJuice specializes in Military PCS moves and can coordinate shipping to and from Military bases all over the world. We can ship to your current base and then hold to return ship your powder once you arrive at your new station. We are fast and response to your...

Can I return Ship to a NEW or ALTERNATE address?

Yes, we can return ship to a NEW or ALTERNATE address. Please add a shipping note at checkout or you may call/text 602-456-1492 or send us an email and we can coordinate varying to and from shipping!

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