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BoobieJuice 100-2000oz At HOME BIG Pouches – Local Drop Off

From: $100.00

Freeze Dry 50-2000oz of Breast Milk



BoobieJuice at HOME BIG Bags hold enough powder to rehydrate up to 50oz of milk! 

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Freeze dry 100oz – 2000oz Select Your Option! Call/Text for Custom Size OR Questions.
* If you are over or under we will pro-rate you at the cost per oz tier you fall within. We can credit you back for under the amount and invoice you if you are over the amount. No worries, we have you covered! Return shipping is available.

Need a special drop-off Or custom Size? Please Call/Text 602-456-1492 or email

BoobieJuice At Home Big pouches! Our At Home Big pouches hold 50oz of breast milk equivalent powder to rehydrate at home and are still compact enough for on the go. We include a measuring spoon and detailed rehydration instructions for your specific milk. BoobieJuice utilizes its same contactless process and merges pouches into 1 BIG BoobieJuice At Home pouch. BoobieJuice at Home Pouches are vacuum sealed for maximum shelf life and are resealable for up to 30 days! A great way to save on Big Stash orders.

This service is for Local DropOff to our Tempe Facility. Please ensure your BoobieJuice is frozen, a minimum of 1 day and packed in an insulated cooler. Please schedule a drop off day and time. We reserve a 1 hour window for your drop-off. A team member will contact to answer any questions.

Drop off service includes:
• BoobieJuice Contactless Freeze Drying Service.
• BoobieJuice at Home Big Pouches! Vacuum Sealed Resealable Pouches.
• You will receive back 6 BoobieJuice at Home Big Pouches Based on Milk Shipped to us.
• All orders come with a stainless steel measuring spoon.
• Custom Rehydration Labeling For your Milk Ranges. We will match milk based on dates. Add a note at checkout if you would like Night/Day, food notes or other special requests.

*Return shipping is an available addition.

When your frozen BoobieJuice bags arrive, they will each receive unique tracking labels and be processed with our contactless Freeze Drying process. Your Freeze Dried BoobieJuice will be placed in high barrier pouches, free from oxygen, and will be labeled with rehydration mixing amount per At Home Big Pouch. Rest assured, your milk stash now has 3+ up to a 10 year shelf life with no refrigeration needed.

Check out our How to freeze your breastmilk.
Remember to freeze your pouches flat and not fill past the recommend pouch maximum.

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BoobieJuice 100-2000oz At HOME BIG Pouches – Local Drop Off From: $100.00