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How much powder do I use to fortify foods?

On average there is 20kcal per oz of breast milk. This then equates to an average of .1oz of freeze dried powder. Add as little or as much to fortify foods based on your babies nutritional needs. Keep in mind, each powder pouch is equal to one of your original...

How long do opened pouches last?

We recommend pressing out all of the air from the unused portion and resealing the portion. Both On the GO and At Home Pouches if properly resealed can be stored up to 30 days after opening. Please keep the pouch at room temperature and out of direct sunlight.

What kind of water do I use?

We recommend using clean filtered water. Reverse osmosis water or vapor distilled water are great options and have very low to zero total dissolved solids. Total dissolved solids include all organic and inorganic dissolved contaminants including metals, salts,...

Storage recommendations

Powder Pouches Store pouches in a cool dry place indoors and out of direct sunlight. Once a pouch is open, remove as much air as possible and seal the bag closed. Properly resealed bags can last up to 30 days after opening. Keep the pouch at room temperature. Do not...

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